“Ghanaian Musicians Are The Greatest Hustlers Ever”- Reggie Rockstone

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Legendary Ghanaian rapper, Reggie Rockstone says Ghanaian musicians are the greatest hustlers ever.

Speaking on Joynews, he revealed that artists in the country put in more work in their craft yet gain minimal returns.

“I mean, the Ghanaian musician is the greatest hustler ever, they put out all that music, all those videos, all the work and all that stuff and the returns don’t even match it but they keep giving it cos they love giving it to you. They are true musicians but the thought of it saddens me,” he stated.

The Godfather of Hiplife also lambasts politicians taking advantage of these musicians during elections but don’t invest in them.

“Music is very powerful, it’s therapeutic so they play a major role. Why do you think these politicians run to these kids when it’s election time? They are powerful. So it’s only right that they are set up right”.

“These kids are putting in a lot of work and in a few years, they should be able to look after their children, ”he said.

The Legend concluded by advising the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) to effectively collect and distribute royalties to music rights owners in Ghana to avoid being critiqued by musicians.

“It’s a beautiful conversation, it’s long overdue. It’s pretty obvious that there are a lot of inconsistencies and so much going on right now and it’s slowly coming to the forefront so the powers that be need to sit up. A lot of questions are going to come their way and they need to come up with the right answers.”

“Young people are not voiceless no more. They need to sit up because at this point it’s really about getting the job done and done right,” he advised.

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