“Chæt!ng On Your Partner Means You Have No Respect For Your Partner”- Female Journalist.

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Female sport journalist, Ayishatu Zakaria Ali, has described chæt!ng as a form of disrespect to a partner.

On the show ‘Girls Vibes’ on eTv Ghana, Journalists shared her thoughts on the subject ‘Dealing with a chæt!ng partner’ stating that chæt!ng on your partner means you have no respect for your partner.

According to the journalist definition of chæt!ng, is when a person in a relationship entertains another person, talks to them all the time, especially at str@nge hours, sees them all the time, doesn’t mind being næ.k3d with them, and generally does everything they would do if they were in a relationship with them.

She said, “If you have respect for me, you will not chæt on me. Anybody who respects you will not do anything to hurt you or make you suffer. It’s not only about love because there are people who are in love but are not even together and you can be in love with someone so much that you don’t even chæt when they’re treating you bad.

“The fact is that if you don’t respect your partner, you chæt on them because if I respect you, I’ll treasure you too much to want to do anything that will hurt you”.

She concluded that once someone loses respect for their partner, they do anything they feel like doing regardless of how it affects their partner because they do not care about their feelings anymore.

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