“Women With Big C!itøris Are To Be Envied”- Actress Serwaa

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In an interview at eTv Ghana, on the show ‘In bed with Adwen’, the fashion designer by profession, sad men should be very proud of their wives or girlfriend with big clitoris.

Amma Serwaa, a Ghanaian actress,  has urged ladies with large c!itøris to be proud of them since they have something that makes them enviable.

She added that women with such a size of c!itøris gives a wonderful s3xual experience and easily reach orgasm than women with smaller ones.

“With the size of their clit, you won’t even have to do much to get them to orgasm. When you’re thrusting in and out and your penis touches the tip of the c!itøris slightly, you will see her legs shaking vigorously like she has been electrocuted but it’s all pleasure.

The actress continued by explaining the need for every woman to identify spots to get them into their orgasm.

“Sometimes, we need to explore certain things so that we can enjoy our s3x life, If your husband is unable to make you reach your orgasm, you need to explore your body and find your spots so that you can teach your husband where to touch to get you to the point of your orgasm,” she adds.

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