Nana Agraada Jailed 4 Years In Prison!!.

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The self-acclaimed Evangelist Patience Asiedua popularly known as Nana Agradaa has been fined 46,000 Ghana Cedis or serve four years in prison.

Patience Asiedua was convicted by Accra Circuit Court where she pleaded guilty and convicted on her plea.

Accra Circuit Court fined Agraada an amount of 36,000 Ghana Cedis for operating television stations without an appropriate document from authorities, failure to pay will see her spend three years in prison.

Another 10,000 Ghana Cedis for showing misleading content which court stated as “charlatanic material” on the television station, failure to pay will add one year in prison.

On 22 April, 2021, Nana Agradaa was arrested by national security and shut down all her two stations. She was later granted bail of 500,000 Ghana Cedis where she pleaded not guilty to charges.

Patience Asiedua

Agraada is known for showing a program called “Sika Gari” which involves money doubling powers and seeks the public to bring their money for doubles. But is believed that when you send your money she takes it and let well build men known as Macho Men beat you up in any attempt made to retrieve your money back.

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